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Monday, September 3, 2012

First two subject that i've learnt in MATA :)

MATA (Malaysian Aviation Training Academy) 
     Tempat itulah di mana akan aku jadi seorang manusia yang menjadi kebanggaan ibu bapa dan para saudara ku kelak . I've been studying here for two month now . Being so great studying here with the environment , facilities (even the building still in progress) , instrustor and students are the best i've had . 


  Instructor is the person that will teach us according to their specialties . Sir Taufik is the guy that teaching my class for Technical English . We'll learn almost everything about the terms in the aviation . He's great and we've had so much fun studying with him . I'll make sure all the assignment given is done by the dateline to make him feel happy to teach us and we'll have fun being his student at the same time . I've done about 5 presentation and more assignment will come . 

Miss Yuradiah is a pretty lady that teach us on DCAM Part 66 Module 1 (Math) . You'll never got an instructor that will teach you just like during the school time . She'll make sure all the students inside  the class understand of what she's teaching in front . Even we're given a lot of exercises but it doesn't stop us from finishing it and enjoy at the same time . When you're enjoying your classes , all the thing you've learn will permanently got the ideas or point of what you've been studying in classes . And thanks Miss for not giving up teaching me all this time until i've pass my final for this subject . :)